Request for Proposals

Shushkitew Collective was formed in 2020 with the goal of advancing Métis self-determination and flourishing in the arts through forms of gathering, knowledge sharing, research and advocacy. We have come together as artists, curators, writers, and educators to address the systemic inequities that have led to the underrepresentation and misunderstanding of Métis art and culture within the Canadian art system. We aim to build capacity for our artists and cultural workers and to support intergenerational dialogue and learning toward engendering Métis futurity. 

Objectives/Scope of  Research

The key objectives of this project are to determine the current state of Métis art and culture in Canada.  In particular, we are interested in determining if and how Métis arts and culture is supported through Canadian art galleries (including artist-run centers and university art galleries) and museums.  It is believed that the data gathered through this project will support our goal of achieving equity in the arts for Métis people.   

Our focus is two-fold.  Firstly, we would like to gather data from art galleries and museums, to determine the level of representation of Metis arts in collections.  Secondly, we want to consult with Métis artists and cultural workers.  The intent of this is to determine if there are barriers for Metis artists and cultural workers to achieving equity, and if so, what are they? 



Potential Candidates

We invite proposals from qualified researchers ranging from Ph.D. students to established consulting firms. Mentorship of emerging/early career researchers is an asset. Indigenous and specifically Métis, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Information:

The proposal should outline the candidate’s practical and methodological approach to the research objectives, and align with the stated deliverables. However, Shuskitew Collective looks to the candidates for their research expertise and welcomes feedback on the initiative as outlined in this RFP. We desire to work collaboratively to shape the best possible path forward.

Proposals can be sent to Shushkitew Collective

Deadline for applications: April 30th 2023