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About Shushkitew Collective


Research Initiative – Objectives/Scope
The impetus of this initiative is to determine the current state of Métis art and culture in Canada through both quantitative and qualitative research. In particular, we are interested in determining if and how Métis arts and culture is supported through Canadian art galleries (including artist run centers and university art galleries) and museums.  It is believed that the data gathered through this project will support our goal of achieving equity in the arts for Métis people, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Greater representation of Métis art in institutional collections;
  • Increased opportunities to present Métis art in art galleries and museums;
  • Greater representation of Métis cultural workers in art galleries and museums;
  • The advancement of Métis arts and cultural practices and discourse;
  • Greater understanding of Métis arts and culture in Canada.

This research will be of benefit to Shushkitew Collective in determining priorities for future actions. However, the study will also benefit the arts sector as a whole (Métis artists, cultural workers and communities; art galleries and museums; policy makers; funders) in providing a clear picture of where Métis art, artists and cultural workers sit in relation to their peers (First Nation, Inuit, and non-Indigenous), and where further development is needed.


The focus of this RFP is Phase 1 of the Manâwewin Research Initiative. The deliverables include:

  • Work with Shushkitew Collective to finalize scope and approach of research
  • Conduct Phase 1 quantitative and qualitative research
  • Present Phase 1 research at Edmonton Manâwewin gathering (April 25 – 29)
  • Deliver Phase 1 Report to Shuskitew Collection (May 2022)


The budget for Phase 1 is $15,000, to be paid in two installments according to the following schedule:

  • Upon finalized contract (August 2021): $7,500
  • Upon acceptance of final Research Report (May 2022): $7,500


Phase One (August 2021–May 2022)
This RFP is focused on Phase 1 only. Our primary goal is to determine the level of representation of Métis art, artists and cultural workers in art galleries and museums.  The data to be collected will address the following questions:

  1. What percentage of Canadian institutions have artworks by Métis artists in their collection?
  2. In institutions that have Métis collections, what percentage of the total collection is Métis, and what percentage of the total collection is Indigenous? 
  3. Do art galleries and museums have existing policies for collecting and exhibiting Métis art?
  4. What would help facilitate institutions collecting Métis art?
  5. How many Métis cultural workers hold positions (permanent or contract) within art galleries and museums?
  6. How many Métis cultural workers are presently employed in Canadian arts funding agencies?
  7. What are the percentages of Métis recipients of arts funding at provincial and national levels?
  8. What are the percentages of Métis recipients of major national arts awards? 

This phase of the inquiry will focus on art galleries (including university galleries and artist-run centres) that receive federal funding, funding agencies, and visual arts awards. For this phase of the project, both quantitative and qualitative information is required. Some of the information will be accessible online in exhibition records and collection databases, while other information will be obtained through communication with specific contacts. Key art galleries, museums, funders and awards will be identified with the assistance of the collective. Some of the data will have to be obtained in consultation with human resources departments due to privacy concerns.

Phase Two (June 2022 – TBC)
Building on the primary statistical data and initial policy information gathered, Phase 2 will expand on what equity means for Métis arts and culture, how it can be achieved, and what barriers exist for Métis artists and cultural workers. This phase of the research will include gathering additional quantitative data regarding commercial art galleries and academia, as well as a heavier focus on qualitative information gathered in interviews and/or focus groups. Questions we are currently considering include:

  1. How many Métis artists are currently represented by art dealers or agents nationally?
  2. How has career advancement occurred as a result of institutional validation through the presentation and representation of their work?
  3. With respect to academia, how many Métis scholars hold tenure and/or limited-term appointments within Canadian universities?
  4. Across all artistic disciplines, what barriers exist that prevent Métis artists and cultural workers equitable representation in their respective fields? 

Additional funding will be sought for Phase 2.


We invite proposals from qualified researchers ranging from graduate students to consulting firms. Indigenous, and specifically Métis, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


Please submit a CV and a proposal outlining your practical and methodological approach to the research objectives, aligning with the stated deliverables. 

Shuskitew Collective looks to the candidates for their research expertise and welcomes feedback on the initiative as outlined in this RFP. We desire to work collaboratively to shape the best possible path forward.

Proposals can be sent to Shushkitew Collective,

Deadline for applications: July 30, 2021

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  1. I had the opportunity to watch Tarah’s Hogue presentation on the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion series by SK Arts, and I asked if our organization the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre could collaborate with Shushkitew collective by showcasing some Metis art in our visual gallery. Please let me know if it is possible.